Screen Printing

  • Art is billed as a one time fee for services rendered per design.
  • The art fee is paid up front, before beginning work on your design.
  • NO art fee's for exact reorders.
  • All custom designs include Sensations Apparel tag line.

Simple Art -Type only designs (using a font we have in house, laid out in an ordinary format with no fancy effects. Printed with spot colors (not four color process). Resizing of existing designs (with no cleanup necessary).

Standard Art - Designs that incorporate basic imagery with type (most designs fall into this category).

Complex Art - Specific or multiple imagery (pictures within pictures). Any photo realistic design requiring blended color to achieve specific results (4-color process, simulated process).


Vector art is the best art to send us for reduced art fees. We accept designs in vector based programs (ie Adobe Illustrator®, editable .eps or .pdf files from other art programs)


Vector Art

  • Vector Art is art that is built (actually drawn) in a vector or object based program such as Adobe Illustrator®. Each object in a vector file can be selected and individually manipulated independently from the rest of the image.
  • Commom File extensions for this type of file includes .ai, .eps and .pdf.
  • When providing such files, it is important to convert to curves or create outlines for all text used within the design.
  • For a vector art file (i.e. Adobe Illustrator® file) with no placed images, resolution is not a concern.

Photographic Art

  • Photographic Art (or Photorealistic Design) is art that incorporates scanned in imagery, or art that is buillt in a pixel based program such as Adobe Photoshop®.
  • Common file extentions for such files are .psd, .tif, .jpg, .png or .eps.
  • This includes any art built in a vector-based program that also incorporates imported or placed photographic elements.
  • In order to reproduce a photographic image, we require a file with a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) with no compression of the actual photo.
  • Artwork should be created at 300 ppi, not 72 then converted to 300, which can cause distortion of the image.
  • DO NOT submit a CMYK file and expect the same results. CMYK and RGB are two totally different formats which will result in a different outcome.

General Image Layout Sizes

  • Front Left Chest: 3.5" wide x 3.5" tall
  • Full Sized Front or Back: Youth (10" wide x 12" tall), Adult (12' wide x 14" tall)
  • Short Sleeve, Sleeve Print: 3.5" wide x 3.5" wide
  • Long Sleeve, Sleeve Print: 3.5" wide x 12" long
  • Thigh/Hip Print: 3.5" wide x 3.5" wide
  • Leg Print: 6" wide x 14" tall


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