• Art is billed as a one time fee for services rendered per design.
  • The art fee is paid up front, before beginning work on your design.
  • NO art fee for exact reorders.

Simple Art-NO CHARGE for type only designs using a font we have in house, laid out in an ordinary format with no fancy effects.

Digitizing Costs-Based on the number of stitches it takes to reproduce a design. Each design is unique and requires a quote based on the art supplied by the customer. We are usually able to supply you with a digitizing quote within 24 hours after we receive a copy of your art.

Embroidery Costs-Based on the number of stitches that are in the design. Each design is unique and once the stitch count is established a cost per item is achieved.


Vector art is the best art to send us for reduced art fees. We accept designs in in vector formats in software programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Freehand, editable .eps or .pdf files from other art programs.

Art Requirements:

Vector Art

  • Vector Art is art that is built (actually drawn) in a vector or object based program such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Freehand. Each object in a vector file can be selected and individually manipulated independently from the rest of the image.
  • Common file extensions for this type of file includes .ai and .eps.
  • When providing such files, it is important to convert to curves or create outlines out of all text used.
  • For a vector art file (i.e. Adobe Illustrator file) with no placed images, resolution is not a concern.

 Photographic Art

  • Photographic Art (or Photorealistic Design) is art that incorporates scanned in imagery, or art that is built in a pixel based program such as Photoshop.
  • Common file extensions for such files are .psd, .tif, .jpg (jpeg), .eps.
  • This includes any art built in a vector-based program that also incorporates imported or placed photographic elements.
  • While it is possible to embroider photographic art, there are limitations. We recommend that you simplify your art for embroidery to achieve greater visibility of your design.
  • For better quality, it would be best to make sure artwork is created approximately 200 dpi.

Image Size for Layouts:

  • Front Left Chest: 3.5" wide x 3.5" tall
  • Full SIze Back: 10" wide x 10" tall
  • Short Sleeve Sleeve Print: 3.5" wide x 2.5" tall
  • Visor Print: 4" wide x 1" tall
  • Hat Print: 4" wide x 2" tall


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