• Are you able to use my logo for embroidery? Yes. Sensations Apparel will look at your design and either reproduce as is or give suggestions on how to reorient your logo for greater visibility. Digitizing or converting your logo to thread for an embroidery design, takes expertise and experience. Digitizing fee's are based on the complexity of the design.


  • Can I bleach my embroidered garments? Our standard embroidery thread is made from rayon, so non-chlorine bleach is best for washing your garments. However, special thread is available at an additional cost if that is what you need.


  • What is 3-D embroidery? Custom embroidery has two fairly new innovative techniques that will add dimension to any design. Layered 3-D embroidery is achieved by doubling the stitch count on a design. Puff 3-D embroidery uses a foam underlining to achieve an extreme 3-dimensional effect.


  • What are your main embroidery techniques? Satin Stitch and Step Satin Stitch. They create the same design, but bring different visual effects and textures to the design. These two techniques are used when applying lettering are numbers to your garment.


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