Embroidery has become a desired medium when applying a logo or design to wearables such as hats, jackets and polo shirts.

  • Embroidery is calculated from the size of the design and the composition of the stitches. Together they create the stitch count. The stitch count indicates the amount of time that it takes to sew each design. The lower the stitch count, the lower the cost, because it takes less time to sew the design.
  • Designs are prepared for the embroidery application by passing through a process called "digitizing". Digitizing determines stitch types and directions to create the most appealing results possible.
  • Sensations Apparel believes this is the most important step in the embroidery process and we strive to achieve perfection for our customers. You will get to view a "sewout" before the design is applied to your garment.
  • To ensure the accuracy of your print, you always see a "sewout" of your design in color before it is embroidered onto a garment. Sewouts are samples of the embroidery on a swatch of fabric to show you what your embroidery will actually look like.


  • Find the products of your choice in our on-line catalog and simply click the add to inquiries button and we will be happy to send a quote back to you within 24 hours (during regular work week, Monday-Friday). If you already have and idea of what your art is going to look like, please send a copy of it by email along with a few details (see contact us).
  • You may also simply call us at (805) 237-9579 for an over the phone quote.
  • We will quote your order based on the details you supply us.
  • We begin your artwork, a one week process. You approve your artwork that is emailed directly to you or you can visit our facility located at 1615 Commerce Way, Unit D-1, in beautiful Paso Robles, California.
  • We produce your art for embroidery and six days after you approve your artwork the completed screen printed garments are shipped, delivered or picked up.
  • We do ask for a 50% deposit at the time of order


  • Our prices are based upon the number of stitches in a design and how many locations the item is embroidered. Each additional location that the item is embroidered costs more to embroider.
  • The size of the design does affect the price. A small left chest costs less to embroider compared to a large back image.
  • The total number of garments makes a big difference in the prices. The more garments you buy the cheaper they are.
  • Our digitizing prices are also charged based upon the number of stitches in the design. The higher the stitch count used in the design the higher the digitizing cost.


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